What Do You Need

What Level Of Ability Do You Need to Heli Ski or Board?

Heli skiing and boarding may be portrayed in extreme films as for experts only, but for us mere mortals the reality is thankfully very different. I am personally not an ex racer, nor an ex freestyler, nor a pro. I am just a very experienced, keen skier, with a hunger for powder and an attitude that seeks thrills and adventure. While heli skiing is certainly not for beginners or under-confident skiers, the wonderful experiences it affords are accessible to anyone capable of tackling with aplomb red and black runs in all conditions.

Speak to the experts at Total Heliski and we’ll soon reassure you that the level of ability needed to heliski or board depends on the type of terrain you’ll be skiing, the level of the other skiers in the group, and the time of year you go. And with the breadth of destinations we offer, there is a location out there that suits your ability perfectly.

Look at that terrain.

The terrain our operators offer ranges from wide-open alpine bowls and glaciers with moderate pitches, to steep and narrow tree skiing or gullies. Don’t forget, snow conditions can vary as much as the terrain – one run could be in thigh-deep fluffy powder, the next on wind-packed crust and crud. (although the latter is very unlikely and rare)

Your guide will always do their best to find the optimal conditions, but to stay safe or in difficult flying conditions, terrain options can become limited. In order to get the most out of heliskiing or boarding, it’s best if you:

  • Are an experienced resort skier, where you mostly ski red and black runs with confidence in almost any conditions.
  • Can make competent parallel turns, side-slip, step-up sideways, traverse, and make kick turns. For snow boarders, you can traverse in any conditions.
  • Seek to ski off piste and can maintain control in off-piste conditions.
  • Are able to recognise the difference between intermediate and advanced equipment and the effect it has on your technique, and therefore you choose to ski on advanced equipment.

Speak to the experts at Total Heliski and let us guide you in the right direction to the best location for your ability, be it in British Columbia, Switzerland, Alaska or Kamchatka.