How safe is heli skiing?

Heli skiing and cat skiing has evolved since the 60’s into a very safe and slick activity, run by 100’s of operators with highly qualified staff all over the world.  Helicopters are immaculately maintained, pilots are highly experienced in specialist mountain flying, and mountain guides are highly qualified professionals with years of local mountain guiding experience.

The operators take safety extremely seriously as follows:


Snow pack monitoring- When you are out skiing, guides continuously monitor weather and snow pack information.

Transceiver training- Avalanche transceivers (electronic search devices to find people trapped under snow in the event of an avalanche) are mandatory.  All guests, will be trained before they go out in the field.

Helicopter briefing- Will be held to ensure total safety around the helicopter at all times.


Skier safety warnings- about other risks including tree wells, getting lost, and poor weather.  Your guides who are skiing with you 100% of the time, are there for your safety. 

Their instructions absolutely must be adhered to at all times.  They are there to enjoy the skiing too of course!

All guests will be required to sign a waiver. See a sample here.


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