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Six Reasons to Book a Heli Skiing Trip with Us.

We are here to inspire our clients to venture above and beyond ski resort boundaries to explore the magical world of off-piste skiing and boarding. 

10 minutes spent with us saves you weeks of internet research.  And the best thing is, it costs no more to book via Total Heliski than to book direct.


1. Choice.

2. Value.

3. Expertise.

*Photo credit: Chatter Creek Cat Skiing

A multitude of select premier boutique locations across the globe to cater for the differing needs of our clients.

Our negotiated prices match or are better than going direct to an operator. Call us now!

Benefit from our knowledge, contacts and experience.  Have peace of mind you’ll be visiting a world-class location hand-picked by Total Heliski.


4. Service.

5. Unique.

6. Need convincing?

*Photo credit: Will Wissman for SEABA

10 minutes with us saves you weeks of internet research.  We offer comprehensive trip advice and planning.  Our customers enjoy a life changing experience every time.

Join one of our hosted member tours for single travellers or our corporate, Heliski with Legends and team building offerings.

Give us a call.  Find out how we can realize your dreams into a real adventure.

Let us do the hard work for you.  Spend 10 minutes talking to us and save weeks of internet research.

We'll clarify your needs, and respond with a proposal narrowed down to at least two options for you to consider based on listening to you.   If we don't get it right first time, we'll redo your proposal.


Use our contact form to tell us about your group.   The size, skiing or boarding experience, and what you are looking for in terms of dates, budget, terrain you like to slide and location (if you know).   Also tell us where you are in your search and when are you able to book to secure your seat? 

Then we will get you available dates and process your deposit to hold your seats.



Alternatively, book your very own Discovery Webinar here.

Hi Hayley,
A big congratulations on a great show last night. You got a great collection of ski legends and heli skiing companies together and I think created an event with a really good vibe. As a skier/punter I personally really enjoyed the night and I’m sure others did as well… I was really impressed and came away with nice smile on my face.
Congratulations and thanks.
— Gary Wardrope, Owner of Get Skiing

It costs no more to use Total Heliski's expertise and you'll get the best possible tour price.

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