Welcome to Europe.


A Charming Destination.

Europe: the most charming heli ski destination, where you can heli ski or board across country borders for a very unique travel experience.  You might unexpectedly find yourself knocking on the door of a remote inhabited monastery.

High Alpine Terrain.

Europe is legendary for high Alpine terrain with long and varied ski descents.  In one run you can ski 2000 metres of vertical in all types of terrain down narrow chutes, over large glaciers, steep slopes, or in the forest.

Ski Safari.

Total Heliski offers you the perfect European heli ski holiday where you heli ski the European Alps as a ski safari.  Your bags go around by road and you ski or snowboard through untracked terrain from hotel to hotel.

Top of the Swiss Alps.

Or perhaps you'd prefer to live the life of the world's most well known secret agent.  We don't just take you to the top of the Swiss Alps; we take you over, around and even under them.  Discover some of Europe's biggest mountains amongst iconic scenery for a 7 day adventure you will never forget.


Sweden: Heli Ski the Wilderness of the Arctic

Heli skiing at its best in a high alpine Arctic environment. It’s also the biggest heli ski operator in Sweden, and the choice of Sweden’s world cup ski team. Their heli skiing is in an area with no fewer than 100 peaks and equivalent to half the size of Austrias ski area set in pure Arctic wilderness. The accommodations in the mountain town of Bjorkliden, are to the typically high Swedish standards.

Price from €2,198.40.