January = Face Shots!

January = Face Shots!

Come and see how incredible January is and you will be back again and again. My clients know how much I love heli skiing in January. More than half of my heli ski tours have been hosted in January.

Lots of Powder!!

January features “light blower powder” snow, temperate weather, the start of longer days, and the right antidote to cure any post-holiday blues – those addictive first tracks. It also is less crowded than February, and often less expensive to go heli skiing only because of lower demand, not because of conditions.

Throughout the past five years, January has consistently received 2 to 3 meters of stable, low-density snow. Here’s what Scott Newsome, VP Operations and Lead Guide of Eagle Pass, one of our favourite operators, has to say about it:

“January has always been the EPH guides favorite time to ride in Revelstoke. All the early ski season hype is over as are the holidays. You have your ski legs back and are itching for that exciting adventure with some close friends. January means business around here, as the snow is forever bottomless and smokey cold. The days are getting longer and the snow religiously continues to get deeper.”

Need more proof?

January, Revelstoke Average Max Temperature: -1.1 C
January, Revelstoke Average Low Temperature: -5.8 C
January, Revelstoke Average Temperature: -3.5 C
January, Revelstoke Average snowfall for January: 200 + cm

It’s not too late to book in a cheeky few days of heliski or boarding this winter in January. Call or email us now!