Nepal Operator Helps Earthquake Rescue Efforts

Read here our guest post from our Nepalese heli-ski operator on helping Nepal

The day after earthquake hit Nepal, Himalayan Heliski Guide (HHSG) Craig Calonica flew to Kathmandu and spent a month doing relief work, which consisted of flying in food and supplies to remote villages and flying out the sick and injured, small children and elders. After seeing first hand how much help was still needed, he decided he had to go back, except this time to help rebuild the homes lost via the earthquake.

Knowing this step had to be done correctly, he organized a non-profit fund which is 100% tax deductible. See below on how you can book a heli ski trip and donate to this relief effort.

Here's his story on video.

How you can help:

HHSG has decided let you donate 30% of the heliski trip cost to the tax deductible non profit fund. In doing this, we kill three birds with one stone. One is helping Nepal where it needs help the most and that’s to support the tourism sector, the other is the donation will go towards rebuilding homes for those in need, and last but not least, if you use the 30% for a tax write off, you get a 30% discount off the heliski trip, which is a great opportunity.

So with all said, we ask you to help us get Nepal back on its feet with your support, and have a great heliski experience at the same time… We’re sure you’ll feel as good about helping these people out as you’ll feel when making first tracks in the flawless Annapurna powder.

PS: Just so you know, the areas we heli ski at in the Annapurna region were not effected by the recent earthquakes. Also, none of the hotels we stay at in Kathmandu and Pokhara were affected, in fact Pokhara was not affected by the earthquake at all.

Also, if you cannot make the heliski trip, but still want to donate to the relief program, that would be great, any amount will help.


How to donate: