Just putting it out there..

Just putting it out there.. what it took for me to go heli skiing.

I am sitting on a plane, embarking on the second leg of (I am guessing), my 40th trip around the world. Today I left for a heli ski and cat ski trip across British Columbia, Canada, I am hosting for Total Heliski Clients.

As we have been in the peak sales period now for heli ski and cat ski tours, I have recently been thinking about my interesting predicament as the CEO of Total Heliski, my heli ski bookings and media business.

Fine day to go heli skiing.

I am really just an instigator. In the end, it’s up to the client to take the final leap. All I can do is present these amazing opportunities to the people who are most open to them (not always easy to pinpoint), provide them with enough stimulus, to bring about their desire to book, and ultimately make sure they get there and have the time of their life.

I was thinking, what was it that ultimately convinced me to try the unusual things that I have done first, time like heli skiing, parachuting, climbing large mountains, or travelling around the world?

I took a look back at my first ever heliski pics taken in Alaska (shown here)- in fact, my first ever heli ski run,  and as I did so, I got this incredible sense of warmth, fondness and desire come over me. For the first time in years, I stopped and recalled what it was like that first time that I went heli skiing at Points North in Cordova, Alaska.

The pics you see here of flying over incredible Prince William Sound, of snow against water, and mind blowing top of the world photos amongst epic ski shots.

I paused for a few seconds, grinned broadly and then remembered back to what it was that made me first go heli skiing. I am not afraid to say, it was a Warren Miller Film I saw whilst living in Australia, where heli skiing in Cordova AK was featured. All of those above ideas were featured in absolutely crisp inspirational detail. By the end of the film, I was brimming with desire, I told my friends, I was going to do it (who probably by now did believe me), and I went straight home, Googled it, and booked my first heli ski trip across the world 2 days later. Of course, back then, I didn’t have the benefit of an independent expert to talk to, who could recommend me the best trip for my ability, budget and mindset, and do the running around for me. But the point is, there was the stimulus, and I was obviously open to it.

Look at that beauty!

And a few weeks ago, an old school mate from Australia summed up what I am doing at Total  Heliski brilliantly. She had invited me to an ‘event’ on Facebook, a yoga shakra dance retreat in Byron Bay, Australia that she is holding (I gather she is now a yoga teacher in Byron). It appeared on my feed, I clicked, it looked fun and interesting (I am guessing some people do this to my posted photos, emails, blogs about heli skiing etc). I felt inspired to message her and wrote ‘Bec, looks fab, if I was living in Australia, I’d definitely pop up for a look’.  To which she succinctly replied ‘Just putting it out there hon’. So, that’s what I am going to keep doing here at Total Heliski- just keep putting it out there. Up for heli skiing in interior British Columbia with us next week, anyone?