Introducing the ‘Heli-filter’

Introducing the ‘Heli-filter’

Singles Heli-skiing anyone? When a bad situation turns into good. And good turns into an opportunity.

I couldn’t help myself, but I shed a small, private tear this morning.

I don’t often cry, but it’s been almost a week now, that we have had the global volcanic crisis. And, I have had the opportunity to have the company of two Aussie girlfriends who have been stranded extend their stay with me. One, Liz is my dearest best friend since university who was visiting en route to further travels. The other, Dani is a recent friend, who owns Swiss Ski Safari, one of my Total Heliski operators, she was popping into London to do some business. Both are stranded and not surprisingly, we’ve had an amazing time together hanging out in my Kensington apartment, especially since the London weather has been amazing. We were discussing how the three of us feel like we’ve known each other for years, and that if it weren’t for this incredible event, that we wouldn’t have had this chance to hang out and have so much fun together. I am sure that there are stories like this all over the world right now.

Yours truly enjoying the powder.

Last night, we all went out, we managed to catch up with another girlfriend, Emma from our uni days who lives now in London, but I hadn’t seen her in at least 15yrs since university. It was amazing how quickly we picked up on old times, current times, and how we still had so much in common. Emma, Liz and I were all in the ski club together at University of NSW, and were recounting stories and people from our youth. The classic one is how our university ski club managed to accidentally burn half a hotel down in Queenstown NZ, (I can blog later on this, but to this day, I still note where fire exits are in hotels, because I had to evacuate from the room opposite the fire source, in the middle of the night, intoxicated with no lights, and barely able to find my clothes). As we all know, university extra-curricular activities like the ski club are always a time of bonding that can help form lasting friendships for life. Just like the volcano today.

Consequently, all of us are still skiing and boarding to a high level, we crave the powder, AND all of us are single. What dawned on me, from the evening, (and why I shed the tear) was just what fabulous Australian women were at the table, how happy, independent, fun, attractive, fit, confident, successful, sassy and sporty they all are. And WHY were we all single? Equally, around the world I have at least, yes at least, another 5 or 6 girlfriends in the same boat (most of them Australian or American). We are all doing various different things to meet guys- socializing, clubs, internet dating, some had even gone to matchmakers. But why haven’t any of us met our match? and how might women with what we have to offer meet their match? There is so much on offer guys- why are you not biting?

Got me thinking.

And so we were brainstorming, how might we meet Mr Right. What sort of guy might go for a girl like us that we would fall for? We were talking about the heli ski businesses that Dani and I ran, so the subject came up- might he be a heli skier or heli boarder? Might there be a heli filter?

Heli ski heaven!


Before I concepted Total Heliski, I had thought about the concept of singles, heli skiing or heli boarding trips. But, I had always been concerned that there weren’t enough willing women to do it. Now I have changed my mind. There are always usually way more men than women at heli ski places. Understandable, but, perhaps is there an untapped female heli skier or heli boarder market? Since starting Total Heliski, I have had numerous enquiries from women. AND, if so, might there be an opportunity for singles heliski or heli board weeks?

Who knows, but why not try and see? So, I’d love to hear from everyone what they think of this idea? Especially single guys- skiers, boarders, heli skiers or heli boarders. Would you like to meet a woman who’d be edgy enough to take on a heli ski or heli board trip? Let me know, and Total Heliski can make it happen.

So, as you can see, from a bad situation (the volcano) can turn good (wonderful friendships), and from good can come an opportunity (heli ski singles weeks).