NEW: Heli Ski in Greece

NEW: Heli Ski in Greece at The Throne of Zeus!

Heli Ski Greece this season!

Heli Ski Greece this season!

The heli ski world has just gotten bigger, and what a jewel the latest addition is. When most think about Greece, they think beaches and lots of sun, but what most do not realize is that Greece is a very mountainous country, it gets a lot of snow in the winter, and now, we’re bringing you the chance to heli ski it!

Mt. Olympus raises 2,917 m straight up from the Aegean sea making it one of the biggest vertical raises in all of Europe, it has 52 summits and its known to snow at sea level which means some serious vertical can be had here. Total Heliski now offers week long and long weekend heli ski trips via Thessaloniki.

The other area we heli ski is the Pindus Mountains, the area is 40 km wide and 160 km long and has some of the best skiing terrain we have ever seen and believe us, we have been around. The area is so big we could ski here for 10 years and never ski in the same place twice.

It’s our belief Greece will become one of the better and more exciting heli ski destinations out there. Add the Greek atmosphere known for its love of life, a sunset apres ski cocktail cruise in the Aegean sea and you have one of the most unique heli ski trips in the world.

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