CES Tech Gadgets for Heli Skiers

Gear Round Up: CES Tech Gadgets for Heli Skiers



Total Heliski CEO, Hayley had the pleasure (or was it pain?) of attending the world’s largest trade show in January in Las Vegas – The Consumer Electronics Show. If last year was the year of the wearable sensor, this year was certainly the year of the Drone. And not just any old fly up and around Drone. No, these days, you can be your own Warren Miller movie star and order your own drone to follow you by radio bracelet and film your every stellar powder turn, from different angles. The Hexo was the best drone we found there.

The HEXO+ offers a completely unique set of possibilities, offering breathtaking camera movements footage, without a pilot. Aerial travelling, panoramic shots and other camera movements, once only achievable with high-end production means, are now within your reach. Just a couple of taps on your smartphone and you’re set.

You can learn more and pre-order one here.