Total Heliski Legend - Kristen Ulmer.

Kristen Ulmer is a world-class ski athlete; formerly skiing for the US Mogul team, Kristen was most notoriously named the best and most fearless big mountain / extreme skier in the world for 12 years. At the turn of the millennium, the outdoor industry also voted her the most overall fearless woman athlete in North America, beating all dangerous sports stars, not just skiers.

Drawing from her professional skiing career, Kristen is now an evolutionary mindset facilitator known for developing a new, fast and effective way to transmit awareness to clients in a matter of hours, which could otherwise take decades to experience. Her specialties are fear and overcoming obstacles from unconscious patterns to free up your energy and mind.

Her work is an effective, quick, and lasting track toward problem solving. This combined with her extensive training in the art of ancient wisdom traditions and an ability to weave metaphor and stories into her teaching style has made her popular with an international array of powerful clients. Her mindset work with both athletes and non athletes has been featured extensively in the media, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, NPR, The Robb Report, USA Today, Outside Magazine, and many, many more.

Kristen is currently writing a book for Harper Collins. The title is: My love Affair With Fear.