Heli Ski the Canada Coastal Ranges.


Heli ski where Alaska meets Canada in the most dramatic stretch of Alpine terrain in BC. Experience runs that are 5,000 to 6,000 vertical feet, with the longest yielding 7,000 vertical feet of leg-burning utopia. The Vertical Program is ideal for solo skiers, couples and small group of friends. The main advantage is that you know how much skiing is included in the package. 

Base of operations is on the east side of the Coast Range. This is a transition zone from a wetter pacific climate and a drier interior climate. The combination results in ample snow fall, and on average a more stable snow pack, which in turn means you can ski more interesting terrain.

Price from C$6,080.


Why Heliski Here:

  • Bella Coola is a short, scenic one hour flight north from Vancouver. This reduces travel time and makes it possible to ski a half day on your arrival and a half day on your departure as well. 
  • Situated where Alaska meets Canada. One of the largest permitted heli skiing areas in the world (the size of the Swiss Alps). There are 10,700 sq/kms (4,300 sq/m) of mountains to play in. Not only is this a huge area, but their terrain is majestically Alaska-esque and like Alaska steeper lines can safely be skied in the late season. 
  • Strict limits on the number of people hosted per week. This creates an intimate, private and therefore more rewarding skiing experience as a result of increased operational flexibility and greater terrain choice. 
TRIP LENGTH : 3 - 7 days
SUMMARY ITINERARY : You fly into Vancouver the day before your trip starts. Your arrival in Bella Coola marks the first day of your tour. Lunch is followed by heli orientation and safety exercises. You fly and ski to the lodge in the afternoon. On the last day, fly and ski your way to the airport. You are expected to arrive in Vancouver 1:30 PM though sometimes weather may cause delays. It is recommended that you book an international flight from Vancouver at 6 PM or later time.
PRICE FROM : C$6,080
ACCESS POINT : Fly into Vancouver Airport. The Pacific Coastal Airlines (PCA) flight departs daily from Vancouver at 10:15 AM. Departures are from the Vancouver Airport South Terminal which is a 5 minute taxi ride from the main terminal. Flight time is 1 hour and 5 minutes going to Bella Coola. Company representatives will meet you upon your arrival at the Bella Coola Airport.
PRE/POST SKIING : Whistler would be the perfect pre-ski destination as it's a convenient commute back to Vancouver airport for your transfer flight to heli ski in Bella Coola.
  • Return flights between Vancouver International Airport (South Terminal) and Bella Coola.
  • Double occupancy accommodation at Eagle Lodge (for Big Mountain option) or Tweedsmuir Park Lodge (for Tweedsmuir option).
  • All gourmet meals and après ski snacks (multi-course dinners, picnic lunches in the field and hot or cold breakfasts).
  • Guide service by highly experienced and qualified mountain guides.
  • Safety equipment, beacon, guest pack (i.e. SnowPulse Airbag) with probe and shovel.
  • Free use of powder skis or snowboard (bring your own boots).
  • Ground transport in the Bella Coola Valley.
  • Wireless internet
  • Heliski/Catski specific travel insurance.
  • Gratuities
  • Single occupancy is available at $60 per night (for Big Mountain option) or $300 per night (for Tweedsmuir option).
  • Massage therapy available at $120 per hour.
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Extra vertical is available at $54 per 1,000 vertical feet with minimum of 3 people required to fly.
  • For Tweedsmuir Private Package, extra flying time is available at $2,880 part per hour.
DEPOSIT : A non-refundable deposit depending on trip booked varies from $2,000 - $3,500 per person due at time of booking.
FULL PAYMENT : The final payment is due 3 months before the trip date. However, for bookings made less than 90 days prior to your arrival date in Bella Coola, the full package price is due upon booking.
REFUNDS : For Big Mountain: Unskied vertical below the minimum threshold (listed below) will be refunded at $54 per 1,000 feet.
  • 3-Night Package: 34,000 vertical feet
  • 4-Night Package: 45,600 vertical feet
  • 5-Night Package: 56,400 vertical feet
  • 7-Night Package: 80,000 vertical feet
  • 5-Night Experts Only Heli Skiing: 44,800 vertical feet
  • 7-Night Experts Only Heli Skiing: 60,000 vertical feet
For Tweedsmuir: If your private group uses less than 6.4 hours of helicopter time during the week, you will be given a refund of $2,880 per hour on every hour of unused time below the set threshold.
  • 3-Night Package: 4 possible ski days (2 half days, 2 full days) with 42,500 vertical feet
  • 4-Night Package: 5 possible ski days (2 half days, 3 full days) with 57,000 vertical feet
  • 5-Night Package: 6 possible ski days (2 half days, 4 full days) with 70,500 vertical feet
  • 7-Night Package: 8 possible ski days (2 half days, 6 full days) with 100,000 vertical feet
  • 5-Night Experts Only Heli Skiing: 4 days of skiing with 56,000 vertical feet
  • 7-Night Experts Only Heli Skiing: 6 days of skiing with 75,000 vertical feet
For Tweedsmuir - Private Package: Flying time is calculated based on when the pilot pulls power and only starts after your pick up at the lodge.
  • 3-Night Package: 4 hours
  • 4-Night Package: 5 hours
  • 5-Night Package: 6 hours
  • 7-Night Package: 8 hours