Turning Dreams into Reality

Turning Dreams into Reality

I thought the most appropriate starting point for my blog is to talk about my philosophy: Seize life, realize your dreams and create everlasting memories. It really is at the heart of my blog and my new company called Total Heliski. I came up with this sentence recently when I was trying to crystallize what I am all about? What makes me happy and drives my life? And what could I perhaps share positively with others?

Realize your dreams.. I know what mine is.

It all starts with seizing life, and by that I mean to adopt a positive, unrestricted approach to life and goal setting. Without initial vision, dreams, objectives or whatever you call them, it’s impossible to achieve them, right? So, for me, Total Heliski is about helping people find out a bit more what’s out there, and what’s possible to fulfill their passion around skiing and vice versa.

Then, realizing your dreams is about having the confidence or wherewithal to take action needed to make the dreams happen. This is where it all gets unstuck for many. I meet many people who tell me they would love to go heli skiing, or they would love to visit Australia, my homeland, but unfortunately there will be so many who never do it. I am kind of the opposite type of person- once I get an idea in my head to do something, it’s hard to stop me. I try to plan or remove barriers to enable me to find a way to do it. I will share examples later. With Total Heliski, I am hoping to provide answers, alternatives and inspiration to people who want to make their heli skiing dream happen, so all of their perceived and real barriers are removed.

Gorgeous terrain ready to be heli skied.

But my favourite part is the last bit, creating everlasting memories- isn’t that what everyone in this world is ultimately after? The memories of my life are really the things that matter most to me. Once you do the first two, they are the sweet reward, whether it’s sport, relationships, business, having children, travelling, or whatever, it’s the memories that I will grow old and wither with, not anything else.

So, I just want to finish this first blog on a final poignant point, if you are reading this, like me, you are probably one of the lucky minority in this world, who has good health, education and live in a stable, democratic country. I thank my lucky stars – time on earth is precious- and I have spent my life seeking different, sometimes amazing experiences including heli skiing. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and you too will continue to seize life, realize your dreams and create everlasting memories.