The Top Heli Skiing Locations in the World

The Top Heli Skiing Locations in the World, and How Total Heliski Can Help You Get There

In case you haven’t noticed, I love heli skiing. So much so that I started my own company based on one simple premise: Guide my clients to discover and visit locations and experiences that I love to ski. Period.

I get asked all the time, ‘Where is the best location to heli ski’, and my answer is ‘Well, every where’. That’s why I created the ‘Total Heliski World of Adventure’. It’s all there for the taking. Here is the quick lowdown on some of our top locations:


British Columbia: Heliskiing originated in British Columbia more than 40 years ago so it’s only appropriate to consider them one of the best heli skiing locations. British Columbia’s constant snowfalls, cool weather, and 10 massive mountain ranges simplifies to two things: untouched powder and never ending incredible terrain.



France: Let’s get one thing straight; France
is not only a country of cheese and wine, it’s also a country that’s daring and adventurous. Heli sking may be banned in France, but that doesn’t stop us from finding a way. Make a reservation with Total Heliski’s France-based operator (or join our 2012 January tour) near Val D’Isere, and be flown to the Italian peaks where heli skiing is legal.


India: India is a country that is usually known as hot, dusty and crowded. Fear not my fellow heliskier, this country is the new Japan with an abundance of snow and captivating mega mountains of the Himalayas. Move over Mr. Myoko, the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh are quickly becoming the new “it” place to go heliskiing. Even Jeremy Jones told me he wants to go there. Go figure. See my other blog on my tour here last season.


Alaska: With guaranteed snow 365 days a year, and some of the steepest lines available, it’s no secret that Alaska is the perfect place to Heliski. It’s also one of the most hard-core. Don’t tread lightly here.




Sweden: Heli skiing late into the night may sound impossible, but is a welcome highlight to heliskiing in Sweden where there is 24 hours of daylight. Let the sun brighten up your night and lengthen your heli skiing adventure!

Total Heliski, my Heliski media and travel company, can help you explore these remote places with advice on everything from the best way to travel, gear you should take, pre skiing plus locations suited to your style and preferences for skiing or boarding.