Olympics-Inspired Planning: A Plus For Your Heli Ski Holiday

Olympic Torch 2012

The Queens Diamond Jubilee was an impressive extravaganza concluding without a hitch in the UK this past weekend. I think I join many other proud and patriotic Brits in taking my hat off to the UK for orchestrating yet another successful celebration with such pomp and ceremony following on from last year’s Royal Wedding. Few other nations could pull off such events to the scale and precision that the Brits do, and this must surely contribute to the perpetuation of tradition from which the UK tourism industry thrives.

At the same time, with the recent lighting of the Olympic torch, now on it’s national tour, we now await the London Olympics. The venues have been tested, volunteers, security, media and transport systems are all in place, and we are eagerly waiting in anticipation for the games to begin. I am in no doubt that the London Olympics will materialize to be one of the best ever, and I hope all Brits will be able to soak up the celebratory atmosphere that will unfold. I say this from my own experience since I was there for the entire Sydney 2000 Olympics, working on the inside (so to speak), for Coca Cola, and the Sydney Games were pretty unbeatable.

But one of the things that made all of these events so successful were the preparations and expectations of the spectators who cooperated with the briefings on transport options, viewing, and other aspects to ensure things went smoothly.

To the same end whilst we have come to expect the Heliski Operators to coordinate your holiday with incredible skill, planning and teamwork, you, the client can also benefit by solid preparation and planning.

Heli Ski Gear

Firstly, in planning your heliski holiday, if you plan the heliski bit first, (which of course you can outsource to Total Heliski to organize for you) then, you will be able to fit an excellent experience of pre skiing or tourism around the heliski portion if desired. By planning the heliski bit early, like some of our clients are already doing, then you can benefit from ensuring you get the dates you want at the operator you want, plus cheaper airfares (or free ones using frequent flyer points), and cheaper accommodation options pre and post.

Also, you need to make sure you have investigated all the necessary travel arrangements needed like visas. I say this because this year, sadly we had a client who did not check that he needed a visa before travelling to Canada and missed a weeks heli skiing because of this, getting turned away at the airport.

Once you have the trip booked, you can then take time to relax and plan your fitness and prepare your equipment to make sure you are ready to hit that heli trip with the utmost readiness, so that every moment of that trip is optimized and incredible. Just because it’s summer now, it’s not too late to start planning ahead.

*Olympic torch image retrieved from Google Images.