Myth Busters – 3

Myth Busters – 3

Myth Busters

Following on from my previous two posts, where I talked about the myths regarding heli skiing and the cost of heli skiing, I’ll now talk about the third myth about heli skiing that you need to be aware of.

Myth 3: Last minute bookings are the best for low prices.

Reality: Book as early as possible

Heli skiing involves a lot of planning on the part of the operator to make sure the chopper are ready, the guides have been briefed and the preparations are in place for you and your group. Bookings hence need to be made sufficiently in advance to allow for all this.

Unlike the aviation industry, heli skiing operators DO NOT reduce their costs closer to the date of the trips. In fact if you book early enough you could also take advantage of early bird savings in other parts of your trip like the flights and stay.

There you have it. Some common myths about heli skiing busted! Now that you know, spread the word and get your skis out as you plan your first heli skiing adventure!