Myth Busters - 1

Myth Busters!

In my last blog post I interviewed Mike about his first heli skiing experience. Apart from the questions I asked him for the blog we also got talking about heli skiing in general and why it took him so long to hear about it. One of the things that stood out during my conversation with him was the fact that, there are a lot of myths and pre conceived notions, most of them wrong, about heli skiing. These myths are what put a lot of people off the idea of trying heli skiing!

So, as I sat to write my latest blog post, I am positive that busting a few myths would be a good idea. Here is the first in my series of Myth Busters blogs...

Myth 1: You need to be an expert to heli ski

Powder snow

Reality: You just need to be a competent regular skier to heli ski

All you need to be is a competent skier or boarder in off-piste conditions. You don’t need to be an adrenaline junkie who loves to jump out of choppers onto steep slopes and ski like a demon to be a heli skier.

Heli skiing is all about finding fresh powder that allows you to truly enjoy the skiing experience. The choppers don’t hover and wait for you to jump off with your skis onto the slopes either! They land so that you can get off, put on your skis and ski down the slope you are comfortable on at your own speed!

Besides this, with Total Heliski’s Operators, you will always be skiing with a highly experienced and qualified mountain guide  who will be responsible for you and your group’s safety.

So, as you can see, heli skiing is a much more organised and safe activity than you can imagine. I’ll be blogging more on the safety elements of heli skiing in future, since it really is an amazingly well managed sport in general.

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