Heli Skiing in Greenland

Heli Skiing in Greenland Guest Blog

By Hans Solmssen, Guide de Montagne.

I first came to Greenland to heli ski 10 years ago. I expected quite mellow and monotonous terrain, given all the talk about the ice cap. What I discovered, was better skiing than any other place on the planet. And because the area is so vast, using a helicopter to access the terrain provides the ideal way to ski here. My “little” area covers an area greater than all the Alps from Chamonix to Zermatt. Not only is the skiing much more exciting than what any other heli operation has to offer, but the stunning views and cultural experience is simply outstanding. Many of our runs approach 2000 meters of decent, which means we do in 3 days what most operations do in 6.

The Sheer Beauty of This Wilderness Will Captivate You

We stay in modern houses, rented from the local people, on the tiny island of Kangaamiut on the west coast of Greenland. Because of this intimacy with the local population, the clients feel, after only a few days, a close affinity with the local people. They are on a first name basis with many of the people they see day to day. We are not isolated in a hotel, which could be anywhere in the world. And as such, people come away with a feeling of having learned a great deal from their time spent in Greenland.

You will also have an interesting cultural insight into the world of Greenlanders.

Skiing the first few runs after arriving the first day in Greenland, one hardly feels one’s skis because the views are completely overwhelming. There are fiords stretching away in every direction. We use boats many days to return from skiing, allowing people to relax and view the scenery from the glassy fjords. It is not uncommon to stop and observe whales and seals on the way home.

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