The Secret to Bottomless Powder

The Secret to Bottomless Powder- Cloud Seeding?

Everyone inside and outside of British Columbia, Canada has been talking about La Nina and the epic snow falls in Canada over the past two seasons. This has been at a time when some other locations (like mainland USA) have been noticeably more sparse. With scores of heli and catski operators in Canada, you are spoiled for choice, another reason why Total Heliski are here to help you weed through the options.

But did you know that the secret to this bottomless powder in some operator locations may have had the helping hand of modern science? And what does this mean for the future of powder skiing?

It’s called Cloud Seeding. For those not too familiar with the phenomenon, Cloud Seeding is the process of weather modification whereby there are man-made attempts to modify the amount of precipitation in clouds to produce either more or less rain or snowfall. I.e – scientists are seeking to control the weather. Cloud Seeding works by introducing substances into the air, that serve as cloud condensation particles or ice nuclei at specific altitudes. These particles act to change the microphysical processes within the clouds and cause it to artificially rain or snow. The principle behind cloud seeding is that clouds containing water that are below freezing prevent the water from precipitating and creating rain. The introduction of these external agents like silver iodide, salt or dry ice induce freezing nucleation in the clouds which causes precipitation and hence rain or snow.

Up until, 2008 cloud seeding was primarily in research and development for investigating weather patterns. But in 2008, the Chinese government admitted that they were taking steps to combat pollution in the country ahead of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. So they turned to Cloud Seeding, if you recall, it rarely or never rained during the 2008 Olympics.

Total Heliski have discovered that some heli and catski operators in Canada have been working together to experiment with cloud seeding in the air around their operations, with some claiming to cooperate with adjacent ski areas. According to our sources, the results have been very effective last season so far, and there is currently a multi stakeholder taskforce investigating a more widespread cloud seeding programme across British Columbia for the coming years. The cloud seeding programme has been conducted according to strict environmental guidelines with the full co-operation of relevant government agencies to make sure that the process does not cause any damage to the eco system or to residents and holidaymakers living in the areas.

If you are wondering which operators are implementing cloud seeding and can guarantee your next amazing powder heliski holiday or would like to learn more, please get in touch with us asap for further info and to book your 2013 Canadian heliski trip.

Ok, so you don’t really think that the Canadians need to make artificial snow do you? It is April Fool’s Day after all! Don’t get us wrong, Cloud Seeding is a phenomenon that has actually been developed and tested. But please rest assured, your heliski or catski holiday in Canada benefits from something much more powerful – amazingly light, fluffy natural snow! There’s nothing quite like it and Mother Nature provides enough of it and more to complete your unforgettable ski trip! Call us now about 2013!