Preparing to Ski at Chatter Creek

Preparing to Ski at Chatter Creek

We always try to bring you the best places to find some fresh powder and our friends at Chatter Creek go out of their way to make sure that your skiing experience is truly amazing!

They invest a lot of time and money into creating unbelievable ski runs, making the mountains more accessible and above all ensuring that your ski holiday is safe and secure.

To do this, they recently invested in a Spider Excavator, an amazing machine that helps them cut ski runs, thin forests and build roads. This flexible machine has an adaptable chassis that can be used to work on different terrains with an option to secure a winch cable on especially steep slopes to keep it stable. All this just means better powder for you when the ski season kicks in!

They also maintain and clear out the cat roads with the excavator by removing debris and fallen trees. So when you want to climb up high to begin your ski run, there are no problems and you can focus on enjoying an unforgettable skiing experience.

Chatter Creek also offers you some quality family time with their 2 day family tours. With the option of going in the weekend or for a mid-week break, you have no reason not to go!

So, begin planning your next vacation at Chatter Creek. Get in touch with Hayley for more details.