Lean Mean Fighting Machines

Lean Mean Fighting Machines – Get Fit for Heli Skiing

Looking at athletes toned to perfection during the Olympic Games showed us what the human body is capable of. So imagine how you’d feel if you maximised your heli-skiing potential this winter by achieving optimal fitness? Start with these three areas…

1. Flexibility
Improving flexibility in the muscles through stretching is not only vital but can also prevent injury. Skiers should stretch daily in the weeks leading up to your heli-skiing trip, and also stretch daily before and after skiing while on holiday. The key for effective stretching is to stretch slowly and steadily to the point where you feel a slight pull or tension in the muscle. Hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds and do not bounce. Always make sure to only stretch when muscles are warm so if you’re planning to stretch but haven’t got the time for a sweaty workout before, a hot shower or bath will do the trick.

2. Core strength
In order to stay in balance when you are heli-skiing, having a strong stomach and lower back is important. A strong central core improves body control and balance, and makes a stable platform for weight transfer during turns. You’ll also find if you’ve got a good core, you’ll be able to ride for longer as it’ll save your legs a lot of effort making you a more efficient skier or snowboarder, able to ride for longer. Yoga and Pilates are both good for improving your core strength, as well as general weight training.

3. Nutrition
When exposed to the higher altitudes of the backcountry, food intake is very important. Carbohydrates will be used up more quickly than normal in order to provide the body with energy, so increasing your carbohydrate intake while heli-skiing in high altitudes is vital. Foods rich in carbohydrates include dried fruit, nuts, sports bars, grains, yogurt, bananas, and breakfast cereals. Our operators will make sure you are well nourished on your tour, you can be assured of that.

We’ll be running more in-depth features on the different aspects of ski fitness throughout the season so look out for future newsletters for more.

*Images retrieved from Google Images.