Culture Beyong Heli Skiing

Chile - Culture Beyond Heli Skiing

Skiing in the Andes in Chile is a magical experience in itself, but Chile offers so much more with its diverse array of wines, beautiful beaches and places to visit.

Wine from Chile.  *Photo from Google Images

Wine from Chile. *Photo from Google Images

For the connoisseurs, Chile is a great place to wine and dine. Being one of the largest producers and exporters of wine, you can expect Chile to provide you with a wine experience like never before. With Spanish, German, French and English influences and because of the geographical and climatic variety of the region, the Chilean cuisine has something for everybody ranging from seafood and meat to an assortment of fruits and vegetables.

When you are not skiing, you have a lot to keep you busy. Beautiful lakes and national parks abound around Chile to keep you fascinated. If you fancy a trip into the city, the port city of Valaparaiso is a World Heritage Site with architecture that will leave you breathless. After a day in the sun, you can also relax on the vast beaches of Chile’s coastline. And if all this doesn’t make your trip truly magical, you can top it off with a visit to the legendary Easter Island!

So, head to South America this season to unwind. Skiing may be your main reason, but there’s no reason not to turn it into a full-fledged vacation!