The Universal Search For Powder

The Universal Search for Powder

Our Total Heliski clients come from all four corners of the world, but they are universally on a search for powder to find fresh tracks guaranteed. And thankfully, that’s what they get at Total Heliski as we send them to the top heli and cat skiing spots all over the world like France, Sweden, Canada, Alaska and The Himalayas.

Universal Search for Powder

It never ceases to amaze us the reactions of so many to this new found sport like Kenny and his buddies from Detroit. Right after a snowstorm in Valdez Alaska, whilst we were waiting for our last pickup, here’s what Kenny philosophically shared with me.

This was a heliski day right out of the textbooks where even for me, a seasoned heliskier we died and went to heaven. The face shots were 'blower' as they say, with the new eight inches we had received from the snow gods the day before. I was heli skiing with Kenny and his three mates from college days who came up to Alaska, USA to heliski to celebrate their 50th birthdays. Kenny, was blown away.

Out of the blue, at the bottom of our last run, whilst we watched the others complete the run, he philosophised to me that today was one of the highlights of his life. He said something that sent shivers up my spine. Specifically he said: 'Hayley, I can't believe today. There was my wedding day, my kids births and then today.’ After a short pause, he continued ‘Heli skiing is unbelievable. Why haven’t I done this before? I mean why don't you market this to guys like us. It'll make us all so happy.’ He finished with a huge smile. I grinned and said 'Sure, I will keep doing that'.