Spotlight on Sweden

Spotlight on Sweden

We managed to get 20 mins with Mattias Costner, Owner and Lead Guide at our Swedish Operator. Just enough time for him to give us the downlow on heli ski experience in Sweden.

Spotlight on Sweden

1) Tell us about what makes heli skiing in Sweden special?

Our heli area is vast and big without restrictions combined with very good vertical drop up to 1 500 meters. Its location so far north close to the Atlantic ocean that it also gives us the late season ( March-June) with heliskiing 24-7 under the midnight sun. Another thing, for Europeans it's a very short travel compared to lets say Canada or Alaska.

2) What will my day look like when i go heli skiing in Sweden?

Our operation is very personal with small groups, maximum 5 persons per guide and 2 groups per helicopter. A good day we walk outside the hotel in the morning to our heliport (ski-in-ski-out) then we take off into the wild and enjoy our day of heli skiing. A heli lunch is always brought in the helicopter so we never return back to base until late afternoon or evening. Then a nice dinner, and perhaps a warm bath topped off with a Swedish massage.

3) For those who have heli skied in more conventional locations elsewhere, how does Sweden compare to say a) Canada and b) Alaska?

Very good, it's one of the worlds best areas for heli skiing. Compared to Canada we don’t have below tree line skiing. Here everything is in the high alpine glaciated terrain and it's perfect for heli skiing!

4) When is the best time of year to heliski in Sweden?

Our season stretches from beginning of March to end of May.

Mattias Coster

5) What is your background? And how did you get into the heliski biz?

I've been working as a ski guide for 15 years now and heliskiing for 10 years. I started in the skipatrol in Abisko, a small ski resort just beside the heli area we now operate in. When you live and work in the mountains it's not that hard to understand why you choose to work with heli skiing. It's the ultimate skiing experience!

6) Who or what has been your most memorable moment running your heliski operation?

Hard to say, but probably when clients tell us that they just experienced the best skiing ever. And that happens quite often actually. Then you now that you have delivered. We who work with this type of skiing are very blessed because it´s hard to fail when you have this big mountain area just for your self.

7) What do you look forward to most this season?

Skiing, together with our clients. That's my passion!

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